Business Disputes & Litigation

Clients seek out Marcus & Shapira to handle high-stakes trials and arbitrations, important appeals, critical settlement negotiations, and all manner of litigation challenges.  We represent a wide variety of clients that range from small companies and individually owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies.  Whether we represent a plaintiff or a defendant, an individual or a major corporation, our litigators know how to cut to the heart of a dispute.  We have a deep bench of experienced and dedicated trial lawyers, and our out-of-court advocacy and negotiating skills often resolve disputes before a lawsuit is filed.

We also strive to minimize the cost of litigation for our clients without sacrificing the quality of its representation.  For a law firm with such a diverse and sophisticated litigation practice, our efficiency sets us apart.  Marcus & Shapira does not send three lawyers to a deposition or hearing where only one is needed.  Our clients often pay less than they would elsewhere for essential communication among the lawyers working on their matter. And we go to great lengths to avoid needless motions and pointless research to prevent unnecessary costs for our clients.

Above all, we are extremely proud of our performance in the successful representation of and loyalty to our clients and remain committed to our standard of excellence.